E.F.T Fuse

This type of Fuse’s are using for External Fuse Type High Voltage Capacitor protection .

The biggest advantage using this type of fuse, other HV fuses is the fact that the blown fuse can be easily detected during the visual inspection of the working capacitor system (bank).

This fuse’s are called in electrical market “EFT Fuse”

It consists of four main parts,

1-Fuse Link (Wire)

Explosion type fuse link. It is produced with the same features as fused wire fuses and also has the same working principle.

2-Fuse Spring

In case of failure, the fuse (which blow up) may be broken into the units ,other phases, metal parts, etc. contact to prevent short- circuit.

 3-Fuse Housing (Fuse Tube)

Outside of the fuse wire to prevent the interference of the factors used ” fiber glass ” from the manufactured protective housing.

4- Fixing Bar (Optional)

The Fuse wire is connection to capacitor bushing , it is use tin-plated on copper bars. This part of the optionally the reason for that is ; The capacitor bushing connection point can be bolted or with clamp type are produced. This busbar is used in bolted types. “ Fixing Bar” is recommended for the system to work more efficiently and healty